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We Offer

BeInstrumental Foundation works to ensure that students have the opportunity to obtain music education through:

  • In-School Group Programs
  • After-School Group Programs
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Scholarships and Grants for Music Lessons
  • Tuition for Music Schools
  • Instrument Borrowing Program
  • Scholarships to Music Schools and Summer Camps

If you are interested in the BeInstrumental Student Program, please contact us or complete a Student Application.

If you would like to become a BeInstrumental Artist, please contact us or complete an Artist Application

BeInstrumental Foundation works with the community in a collaborative effort to provide music education and resources to aspiring artist.

What We Do

BeInstrumental Foundation provides musical education resources to students and local school districts. Our mission is to provide every child with the musical education they deserve.

We achieve our mission through the following programs:

  • In school and after school music classes
  • BeInstrumental Artist Mentoring Program
  • BeInstrumental Musical Instrument Bank
  • BeInstrumental Scholarships

BeInstrumental was founded to create, cultivate, and support music and the arts within your community.

We provide resources to your local school music program and provide students with the resources necessary to ensure they receive a quality music education.