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BeInstrumental Foundation works to ensure that students have the opportunity to obtain music education through:

  • In-School Group Programs
  • After-School Group Programs
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Scholarships and Grants for Music Lessons
  • Tuition for Music Schools
  • Instrument Borrowing Program
  • Scholarships to Music Schools and Summer Camps

If you are interested in the BeInstrumental Student Program, please contact us or complete a Student Application.

If you would like to become a BeInstrumental Artist, please contact us or complete an Artist Application

BeInstrumental Foundation works with the community in a collaborative effort to provide music education and resources to aspiring artist.

Become a Teacher - Share the Gift of Music!

Music is your joy and love.

Won't you help us share your passion with a child or a classroom group?

BeInstrumental's Musical Mentor Program connects professional musicians, skilled amateur musicians and music teachers with students who can benefit from their talent and experience.

Many of these children are in schools without the resources to provide the all-important music training they need to broaden their lives and opportunities. Others are promising individual students whose families can't afford the instruments or instruction they need.

BeInstrumental and our donors will provide the instruments at no charge. Won't you step up and offer your gift of expertise and musical passion?

You can make a difference in a child's life by sharing your gift of music.

To volunteer, please click here.